International Chamber Music Festival that the Monteleón Fountation

León (Spain)

WELCOME to the International Chamber Music Festival that the "Fundación MonteLeón" promotes and supports since 2010.

We are happy to return after this time of inactivity and we do so with renewed energy and great enthusiasm. Thanks to all of you who have contacted us and shown so much interest in this project. Our purpose of helping to promote young and brilliant emerging talents in chamber music continues and is confirmed after each edition.

We want to inform you that the next XI MONTELEÓN FESTIVAL will be held from December 5 to 9, 2022 in the “Ciudad de León” Auditorium. We will have some very special GUEST ARTISTS and, of course, we will count with the presence of four excellent YOUNG ENSEMBLES whose promotion is our aspiration.

As artistic director, my purpose is to guide this project through a musical journey without borders, celebrating good music from all eras, the freshness and inspiration of its performers, and the limitless emotion that they are capable of transmitting to us.

The "MonteLeón Foundation" is firmly committed to culture and art, represented in this case by music. May this contribution serve, in these complex times, as a stimulus for hope in the highest values ​​as human beings.

You are cordially invited!

Carmen Mayo
Artistic director

Friends of the festival

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